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Meachin, 31, of Abercynon, assaulted his now-former partner on several occasions during their relationship between November last year and February. The woman was pregnant at the time of the assaults and lost the baby but it’s not suggested this was as a result of Meachin’s actions. The controlling bully strangled his girlfriend when she was pregnant and held a knife to her throat in a jealous rage. The assaults were so violent his own sister and mother intervened to stop him. The former soldier with a long history of beating and abusing women turned his partner’s life into a “nightmare” with his controlling behaviour. Porch – who has 27 previous convictions for violence, “almost all” of which are domestic in nature – used a fake identity on a dating site to hide his past.

  • Dad Edward and son Daniel were already running a successful cannabis operation in Hampshire when they decided to relocate across the border to expand their business.
  • The paedophile filmed himself sexually abusing a 10-year-old then threatened to release the footage if the boy told anyone.
  • The 28-year-old received a custodial sentence in connection with a fraudulent attempt to claim a Covid grant aimed at helping businesses stay afloat during lockdown.
  • Pizza shop owner Nezam Salangy, 44, killed his wife but claimed she had simply left him for another man.
  • At around 5am an argument broke out between Croft, Morris, and their victim Darren Thomas.

Officers found a stash of cocaine in the car along with mobile phones full of incriminating messages. Locking them up a judge said it was clear from everything he had read and heard about the defendants that they came from supportive families and had not been brought up to be involved in drugs. The drug dealer was busted after police saw him driving erratically and swerving across the road in his car.


Between March and May 2020, 10.5kg of high-purity cocaine was sold to Richards and £320,000 was provided in exchange. A woman was assaulted by a stranger who had let himself into her hotel room in a terrifying attack. Farooq made his victim and a friend “uncomfortable” by watching them in the hotel bar before getting access to her room and subjecting her to the terrifying assault while she slept.

Rasul and another thief were seen quietly pushing the car down the road in the early hours of the morning after breaking into the victim’s house. The 42-year-old was out of prison on licence at the time of the incident following a previous conviction for burglary – when he had broken into the home of an 89-year-old woman – and has now clocked up 100 criminal offences. The “devoted family man” and charity fundraiser has been jailed for the rape and sexual abuse of a girl he carried out in the 1980s. Taylor was a teenager when he subjected his young victim to a series of sexual assaults. Swansea Crown Court heard the abuse had a devastating effect on the girl’s life while Taylor effectively put the offending behind him and went on to lead a “very decent, productive, even admirable life”. A dad-of-five caught with a kilo of cannabis claimed the large amount of the drug was all for his personal use.

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He lost his temper after having to wait for his prescription in a pharmacy and went outside and punched a passerby in the face while holding a bunch of keys, splitting the man’s lip and knocking out a tooth. An irate Barton was restrained by staff as he threatened to “finish off” the stranger he had attacked. The defendant later told police he had anger issues and hadn’t taken his medication. He “forcefully” shoved a woman he had just met down concrete steps leaving her with serious facial injuries. Taylor and his victim had only met a short time before the assault and were sat together talking on the seafront steps outside Swansea Civic Centre. After pushing the woman down the steps – a fall which left her with a broken jaw and knocked three of her teeth out – the defendant fled the scene but was identified after witnesses were able to describe his distinctive tattoos.

Exon-skipping therapy in DMD restores the reading frame using synthetic antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) targeted to the dystrophin pre-messenger RNA to skip out-of-frame variants [Datta & Ghosh 2020]. Approximately 70% of pathogenic variants in DMD are located between exons 45 and 55. Despite improvement of survival, few affected individuals survive beyond the third decade [Passamano et al 2012]. Respiratory complications and progressive cardiomyopathy are common causes of death.

It is apparent, however, that different products are not equivalent on a puff-per-puff basis. Rather, they are considered equivalent in terms of efficacy on a microgram-per-microgram basis, keeping in mind that they may not be equivalent in terms of toxicity. Most patients achieve adequate control of asthma at doses less than 1000 μg/day. It is important to note that asthma is heterogeneous with respect to severity, natural history, and response to therapy. Thus, a single management approach is unlikely to work for all patients. In addition, there may be considerable variation in symptom severity in an individual patient over time.

The most common symptoms of pulmonary TB are cough, weight loss, fever, fatigue, and hemoptysis. Diagnosis is usually obtained by culture from expectorated sputum, although occasionally a more invasive means, such as bronchoscopy, is needed to obtain samples. Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by inhalation of aerosol droplets carrying the organism. Tubercle bacilli multiply in the lung and migrate via the lymphatic and cardiovascular system to other organs including the spleen, liver, bones, meninges, joints, genitalia, endometrium, and placenta.

In the intervening years the defendant, who was described as “childlike”, was said to have lived an “isolated life”. Their accomplice Kyle Raisis, 18, who was convicted of manslaughter, was also jailed for his involvement in the crime. You can read our full coverage of the case here on our dedicated live blog. The defendants were part of a Newport-based county lines drugs operation which was exploiting the woman, herself a drug user, and using her home to peddle drugs in a technique known as “cuckooing”. The out-of-work cook intentionally started eight fires in a shop under people’s homes and caused “carnage” at a train station. Mulcahy, of Erw Hir in Bridgend, set alight the Amplifon hearing aid shop in Swansea leaving residents of the 10 flats above choking on smoke.

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And officers also discovered that the vile 75-year-old had covertly taken photos of a teen sunbathing in her bikini. Brown’s home in Tredegar was raided by police who found various bags containing drugs. In total they found 65.6g of cocaine worth up to £6,240 and 434g of cannabis worth up to £5,420. The prolific thief targeted vulnerable elderly women in distraction burglaries which left one of his victim’s life shattered.

A man fired a crossbow at a cafe in the middle of the afternoon as part of a “long-running feud” with the owner. Griffiths had drunk a bottle of wine and six cans of lager before issuing a series of lurid threats over the phone to the café boss then arming himself with the weapon. Swansea Crown Court heard he fired one bolt at a car parked near the business then one at the front of the premises while staff were inside.

Officers pulled Hughes over and found him to be more than twice the drink-drive limit while he had boxes marked “diazepam” stuffed down his pants. In fact the boxes contained 140 flubromazolam tablets – a strong sedative drug. The cocaine dealer was caught after crashing his car into a tree as he tried to flee from police. When officers searched Francombe’s vehicle, which was displaying false number plates, they found £1,000 worth of the Class A drug. It was the second time in just two months police found deals of cocaine in a vehicle being driven by the 34-year-old. The trio of travelling drug dealers were caught red-handed thanks to an eagled-eyed PCSO who became suspicious of their activities.